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Marquette Skis Discontinued? Try These Maybe...

I've been unable to get Backcountry to respond to inquiries about the future of the Marquette Backcountry Ski but all indications are that they were very ready to yank the product page the second the final pair was sold. It didn't move to "out of stock" it vanished and now redirects to XC. Tell them you want them!

Here's how they used to be made:

If you have any to sell I will buy them. DM me on twitter or instagram @wfg_den.

All inquiries via email, social and online chat to Backcountry have been fruitless for any facts about the situation and the founder of the product refers all questions to Backcountry, so it's theirs to produce and sell, or kill off. My assumption is they've never skied it and are happy to have it gone due to it's name and strange history with their company. Sad! Too bad because there's nothing else like it on the market for Simple Skiing.

I'm hopeful I'll collect enough pairs to begin reselling some but short of that there's an entire class of skis on the market that are adjacent if not directly comparable.

Check out offerings from... (often called trek skis)

Black Diamond

Altai Skis

Erik Sports



More? Let me know.

If you live near Denver I maintain a Marquette demo fleet and am happy to get you out there and show you around.

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