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Folkrm Poles

The best Uphill poles in existence and it's not close.

Use code WFG10 for 10% off. 

Bern Helmets

I've tried other helmets but I always come back to Bern.

Sunglasses TBD

I'd wear your shades if they fit me well and you send me some so send me some maybe.

Burritos maybe

Pizza, Beer, Burritos I don't know maybe a food sponsor


Non Marquette makers...

I've never skied on the Voile, Black Diamond, Altai, OAC etc scales and perma-skin skis. But I'm also not about to go buy them all. If any of those makers want me to review and highlight those skis and link to them I'd be happy to try them out. *Update* I tried the Altai skis in February 2024 and wrote about it here.

I also am seeking old Scarpa T2 boots and triangle toe screw pattern cable tele bindings. 

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